Looking for merchants in the Kanto area to organize relics is on the net

When parents are living alone, it seems that they often suffer from cleaning up their homes after they died.
It seems that there are an increasing number of traders who specialize in it recently, but there are many nuclear families, living far away, and having a job can hardly take time.
Also, it seems that it takes a long time to get lost as to whether to throw it away or not, but I also imagine the circumstances around that.
Recently you can trust on the net if you do not get stuck foreverArtisan dealerWhen trying to find it in Koto Ward, a lot of different traders are now displayed.
I was featured on this television on Oita before on TV.
Even my parents' mother did so, but somewhat dementia came out, and important things might be coming out that the forgetfulness was intensely forgotten somewhere.
Since there are such things, I think that it is better to carefully examine the inside of the house carefully before asking.
My acquaintance is working at a real estate agent, but when I look around the old house I heard that such important things come out of unexpected places.
Inside there are secretly hidden money, passbooks etc are not unusual.
For that, I would like to ask trader who is trusted by all means.
Even though I think it is garbage, they think that there are also important things of memories, but I think that a merchant who carefully deals with that neighborhood is good.
Since my brother and her husband were living together, there was no such worry, but if you live far away, you will feel relieved when you search for such a supplier from the usual way.