Canadian Freebie: Free Full Size Edible Massage Oil with Purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

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I just got this freebie alert and I just HAD to share it with all of you super savers out there.  Now you can save money while increasing your nightly (or daily, I’m not judging) pleasures.  Get a FREE Full Size bottle of edible massage oil from Lust Cosmetics when you buy Lust for Double O from Shoppers Drug Mart.  You don’t even have to pay shipping charges.   Details below.

This is what the email said:

Maybe that summer fling turned into more, or our long-term relationship needs a little lift. Lust for Double O will do the trick. Purchase this arousal potion at Shoppers Drug Mart, mail in your receipt and the box’s UPC code, and receive a FREE full-size edible massage oil (30mL). Lust Cosmetics offers products that heighten arousal, can be used solo or with a partner, are smooth and never greasy, and contain natural ingredients. For more details on Lust products, visit their site!

8 responses to “Canadian Freebie: Free Full Size Edible Massage Oil with Purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart Canada”

  1. thecountess says:

    Thanks maybe!!!!!!!! 😛

  2. maybe says:

    Glad you’re so excited about this one (lol). It really is a great freebie though.

  3. lbal says:

    LOL… Clicking from my email inbox, I thought this is for body and aches massage oil like those aromatherapy oils

  4. ycx21 says:

    why would anyone eat massage oil???! lol silly people. there are so many coupons here for much more delicious food and you don’t need to buy anything and MIR to get it.

  5. lbal says:

    when faking it isn’t an option? LOL I think women can get away with the faking it. Hahaha

  6. says:

    Hey. Sounds good to me… don’t knock a freebie :o)

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