Canadian Freebie: Free Neti Pot from Facebook and NeilMed!


Put your facebook account to good use and get yourself a free Neti Pot and 2 saline packs.  I’ve seen them on Dr. Oz and I’ve been thinking about getting one to try.  I hate having a stuffy nose and this is suppose to be the best way to clear your sinuses.  They are suppose to be great for people with allergies too.  Now you can get your own Neti Pot for free!  Just go to their facebook page, click the “like” button and then click the link.  You have to fill out a very short survey to get yours.  It’s easy and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.  Hurry, they have a limited number to give away!

Thanks to bucky01 for finding this great facebook freebie for us.

26 responses to “Canadian Freebie: Free Neti Pot from Facebook and NeilMed!”

  1. nscouponchick says:

    Woohoo! Free snot pot! 😉

  2. turtle-doves says:

    I saw this on the news one day was pretty groused out…I would not order this even though its free

  3. jaqkev says:

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Chantal says:

    I suffer from hay fever and am not grossed out. I’ll try anything to get relief. Thanks.

  5. anisa says:

    they have a dif offer when you go directly from their website.

  6. The_Scarecrow says:

    nscouponchick …. lol

  7. Cookieface says:

    This really helps for allergies and colds! You will not be disappointed. It has helped me alot with allergies. I’ve hardly had them at all since I started using it.

  8. totoro says:

    woot woot, i just requested 2 Neti pots. I already use the NeilMed sinus rinse bottle kit, but would like to try the Neti pot version. These actually work really good. You would be surprised on how much mucas can collect up in your nose. I never even heard of these things until about 6 months ago. Now I love cleaning out my sinuses every once in a while.

  9. Pennywise says:

    I have terrible allergies, but I don’t know if I could use this on myself. I think it would feel like I was trying to drown myself or something!

  10. says:

    Dr. Oz is featured often on Oprah and he swears by these Neti pots: it really keeps a lot of sicknesses at bay!! What a wonderful freebie…hook me up!!

  11. kerry says:

    I have blocked sinuses and I hope this will help.I have always admired the little pots in shoppers home care stores,but they wanted 16 dollars for them.Finally I get one,and free at that….great…

  12. joannejt says:

    I signed up. I have allergies and asthma so anything that can help me breathe better is just amazing. Thanks.

  13. says:

    Sweet! I’ve always been tempted to try this, but not willing to pay for it just to try it.

  14. vgup says:

    Neti is great for sinuses. Its an ancienct indian yoga technique. I have done it so many times. I used the pot with warm water with a pinch salt. It really helps

  15. NurseJenn says:

    Thanks !

  16. CurlyDee says:

    Try looking up Neti Pot on youtube. I’m not sure you’ll want to try it after watching some people’s reactions!

  17. Catherine L says:

    I love the Neti Pot. It was recommended by my ENT doc. The first time you use it may be a bit difficult, but after that it’s a piece of cake. It’s only warm water going through (with a little solution-without using solution it will be uncomfortable). Not sure why some people who have never even tried it are being so negative and trying to scare others away from using it. Anyone who suffer from allergies and sinus problems should try it. Even though the Neti Pot is free be prepared to spend the money for the refills though – about $17 for 100 packets usually.

  18. Janine says:

    This changed my life!! Sounds terrible but I could breath out od my nose and smell for the first time in years after I got one! I paid $29.99 and would gladly pay it again if I ever needed to!

  19. Caitfoster says:

    These are amazing! It took about 4 trys for me to figure it out, but now I can’t live without my saline rinses. Same with the hubby. This helps with headaches too.

  20. Marie says:

    I just signed up for one – I’m excited to try it out

  21. says:

    I tried it – here’s my review! Have fun!

  22. joe says:

    I used it to clean out my nose then I made tea in it….best invention ever

  23. Bushman says:

    I requested mine but wondering if it’s a scam…it’s been 3 months and still nothing.
    Are any Canadians getting their free Neti-Pot?

  24. Cath says:

    Bushman, never got mine either – i was really looking forward to it.. don’t know if anyone received it… (i’m in Canada also)

  25. Linda Peters says:

    I never received mine either.

  26. Sally says:

    Theres a discussion on the forum. But apparently you have to email them to “remind them” to actually send it out!

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