Let's compare the cost of permanent memorial service

Recently, as the declining birthrate has proceeded and nuclear families are also progressing, people who pass the single lifetime, married couple who do not make children also increase, so there is no tomb but there is no successor It seems that there are not many things.
Actually, my family, neither I nor my sister have children, so there is no one who will protect the grave in the future.
In my case, I do not have a grave but I think that scattery is good, but I have a tomb of my father and grandmother, so I think I feel sorry for becoming an unrelated Buddha so early I would like to think about countermeasures.
Recently, there seems to be an increasing number of people who choose eternal ceremony, but I also think that it may be good to choose such a method if you can protect your father and grandmother's grave with permanent recruitment.
There are also ways to leave it to relatives and others, but I will still use my mind, and it is expected that the feet will go further and farther.
Permanent dedication compares expenses to choose, it seems to be different depending on the region and requested temple, but we think that it is necessary for hundreds of thousands of yen for two people.
For the future, I would like to prepare money from now and I would like to ask where I should ask.
Now it is convenient to be able to find out about permanent recruitment at any time on the Internet, and it is convenient as we can also check the price of expenses etc.
I also want to investigate thoroughly and respond with as much as possible at the lowest possible price, and I would like to find a place to provide a warm reception.

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