Hyaluronic acid acted on a friend suffering from joint pain

A friend who suffers from joint pain even though it is in his thirties is a knee in a husband in his 60's.
I was shocked by being diagnosed as.
Since then, I go to an injection of hyaluronic acid once every two weeks.
Since visit to the hospital is also very troublesome, we examined the reviews of hyperuric acid that improved joint pain
I am making an effort to reduce the number of hospital visits.
Speaking of hyaluronic acid, I thought like a flag head of anti-aging.
Once in two weeks, if you go to injection, hyaluronic acid effect, if you ask yourself if your skin has become beautiful, I was scratching my neck.
Even if it is painfully injected on the knee, there is no effect on your skin, there is no conviction as an amateur there.
According to the site collection, glucosamine, chondroitin is a component that makes cartilage.
Hyaluronic acid has outstanding water retention capability, it seems to make movement of a painful joint smooth.
Indeed, easy to understand.
In other words, it could be expected that effects that can take glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen etc together are more effective.
Commercials etc. separately contained ingredients were emphasized, I did not know what to do, but it made it clearer.
In this word-of-mouth website, the amount of hyaluronic acid intake per day
From the viewpoint that 200 mm or more is desirable,
Whether ingredients that can expect synergistic effects are blended,
Price and user ranking based on user reviews.
The best 5 did not contain familiar items on TV.
Although I felt unexpected, the power of TV was great, so the competitive game might be such a thing.
My friend is trying the ranking first in the word of mouth.
It seems that the number of hospital visits is decreasing, as it has escaped from working hours.

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