Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada: $20 off $70 coupon

Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada: $20 off $70 coupon

Complete a 1 minute survey (at the bottom of the page) and get a coupon for $20 off any purchase of $70 or more at Mark’s Work Wearhouse.

94 responses to “Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada: $20 off $70 coupon”

  1. CanadaLovesFree says:

    I completed it.. but don’t have a printer at the moment…

    make sure you have a printer available before completing

  2. doina cocis says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great store where I can find any clothing I need starting from clothing to wear in an office environment to outwear clothing. Great store!

  3. says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is the only store I can go to that I can find the jeans that fit me.
    Because I am only 5feet tall and weigh 115 pounds, I have an awful time to buy cloths that fit and it is very frusting for me, so now that I have discovered Mark’s Work Warehouse its one stop shopping for me, and the staff is very helpful, and are always there if and when I need them Thanks Marks Penny Ellis

  4. Sherri says:

    I went to link but there was no survey to get a coupon. I tried “email sign up” to see if that would work, but nothing 🙁 What am I missing? TIA

  5. says:

    Love the quality $ price

  6. says:

    I purchased the summer dresses last summer, they have a built in bra which is awesome it stays in place and your bra strap NEVER shows. I have returned this
    year and have purchased three more. Thanks Mark’s for attention to detail, with
    these dresses you never have to worry about exposing your bra or it gaping open, everything stays in place.

  7. Len Morris says:

    great store

  8. Craig says:

    I went to link but there was no survey to get a coupon. I tried “email sign up” to see if that would work, but nothing What am I missing? Craig
    Great Store Anyway!

  9. kathy says:

    finally a store that has jeans that fit a womans body, not just these low rise jeans for girls with no curves.. lol thanks marks!

  10. Wendy says:

    Love the curve Tech pants ! My husband and I always shop at Marks great prices good quality.

  11. bill says:

    Mark is a Great store is where l always buy my steel toe boot

  12. Rhonda says:

    I dont’ see the link for the coupon either…perhaps it was a “limited time” offer??

  13. says:

    I enjoy shopping at Mark`s work warehouse, last year I purchsed a couple of winter vests, and boots which were of great quality.

    Charles Svenson

  14. peter says:

    since they have opened in or area we have we have purchsed there powerd boots and jacket and love them both

  15. Chris says:

    On two occasions I’ve shopped at Marks and both times I had a $10 voucher if I spend $50 or more. Both times I bought jeans costing $49.99, and guess what, I didn’t qualify for the $10 off, I had to buy something else even though with taxes it came to over$50.
    Now come on Marks, round off your prices so that your customers get the discount. Everheard of Marks and Spencer’s?, they don’t bother with the foolish $…99 on all their items, they round up to the nearest pound, taxes are included so for an item which say, costs 8 pounds, you get two pounds change, what a better way to operate, perhaps your store can take a leaf out of their book and start charging sensible prices. By the way, on both occasions I walked out of the shop not purchasing the clothing as I didnt want to play their silly games, so there you are, you lost your sale.

  16. Don Cyr says:

    I was in your Langley store and your customer service is really bad. I went to buy a pair of work boots that I saw on your online site and could not find them in the store. I asked a representative for help and she said she was busy at the time. So she called for help. The lady working that area was busy and said she was busy and would help me next, awesome. She then walked right past me and started helping other people and did not come back to help me. Twenty minutes later I finally walked up to her and she said she forgot and went on helping her current customer. I picked another pair of boots and went to the front and told the cashier abouty experience and she was very apologetic and said there was no manager on but call up a supervisor and he was a little rude and did not help us and told us to call the manager the next day. Very poor service but I like their line of products.

  17. Mary Kuipers says:

    Love your coupons of 10 off use them all the time.

  18. Dicky Mulder says:

    I love Mark’s work wearhouse brand

  19. Jennifer says:

    Awesome store.

  20. Connie Otten says:

    I tried to find a survey to get a coupon, but found none, could you send the link to my email. thanks

  21. John Currie says:

    We shop at Marks Airdrie and appreciate the help from the staff. The products and offers get us in and the staff help keep us spending and returning to this location.

  22. Darlene says:

    I have 2 men that believe that summer is all year round. I am just so glad that you keep a lot of different Tee’s in there sizes to keep them fresh for the winter months..Thanks for the great clothing at somewhat reasonable prices! We are smiling this Christmas

  23. Dale says:

    The best industrial clothing store!

  24. stacy says:

    Great prices, and warm work clothing.

  25. Janet says:

    Great clothes and the coupons keep me going back for more

  26. says:

    If you ever have a problem,at any Marks store contact them at They will contact the manager of that store and make sure that the situation is resolved. The managers are held to Mark’s standards and problems are NOT ignored when you go through the website. I speak from experience.

  27. cathy hillgren says:

    I always find something that is comfortable and long wearing at Marks. I love the new store colours too.

  28. marg says:

    always love my clothes from Marks – even 5 years later!

  29. eli says:

    Wonderful store…When looking for quality always go to Marks

  30. Sharon Hladun Gaudet says:

    Please send me a $20 off coupon so I can go buy some workboots!

    Thank you so much! I love shopping at Marks Work Wearhouse.

  31. Linda says:

    Love Mark’s. I’ve been shopping here for years. It’s my “go to” store for quality, fit and price

  32. Giltrude Saldivar says:

    I’ve been shopping in Mark’s but this is my first time to encounter this. I tried to shop in online but it’s not on sale even thought it’s stating that it’ on sale. Oh well…

  33. Mary says:

    good variety of clothes, and they wear well.

  34. Jake says:

    loves marks warehouse stuff

  35. Trish says:

    Love the quality of their products

  36. Janice says:

    Great service. The last few years their clothing line has become so much better….

  37. devang says:

    I always buy my shoes from here and excellent quality so this time also i am buying shoes from mark whare house

  38. Chris says:

    I work in the film industry and have been shopping at Mark’s for all my work gear for almost 15 years. I love being able to go to one place to get everything I need: foot wear, rain gear, hats, gloves… I’ve even purchased headlamps for night work and watches at Mark’s. For people who don’t like to make a day of shopping by having to go to multiple stores, it’s GREAT!

  39. maureen cameron says:

    please open store in Elliot lake ont

  40. Joanne says:

    My daughter lvoes her new tops from Marks

  41. Anthony Lau says:

    I love to go to Mark’s ware house cos’ they have more selections than anybodies else in Lower Mainland.

  42. Anthony Lau says:

    How come I cannot get my coupon print out!

  43. joseph says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is the only store I can go to that I can find the jeans that fit me.
    Because I am only 5feet tall and weigh 115 pounds, I have an awful time to buy cloths that fit and it is very frusting for me, so now that I have discovered Mark’s Work Warehouse its one stop shopping for me, and the staff is very helpful, and are always there if and when I need them Thanks Marks Penny Ellis

  44. ian mcaulay says:

    went into my local marks to exchange my Dakota work boots because the soles were cracked and the inner liner ripped was told I was 34 days over the warranty I have shopped at this store for 8 to 10 years was a bit discouraged that no thought was given to product and store loyalty maybe it might be beter to deal with local retailers

  45. janice cunningham says:

    nice stuff!!!

  46. andy says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great store where I can find any clothing I need starting from clothing to wear in an office environment to outwear clothing. Great store!

  47. Aline says:

    All good

  48. Michelle says:

    I love the quality of the merchandise.
    Looking for great fathers day and birthday gift
    for my husband, he will be so happy.

  49. lorielapinsky says:

    why doesn’t mark wearhouse get in to kids, I heard from several differewnt people that would shop there if they sold kids clothes

  50. Jim says:

    Clothes that work. Where is the coupon?

  51. connie canning says:

    great products!

  52. Gerry Wagner says:

    Like the quality of merchandise particularly of the Men’s Clothing. I’ve been on the look out for some dressier flannel men’s shirts since 2012 and there is definitely a shortage and the fabric patterns are less desirable. There use to be a much larger selection. I did find 3 patterned shirts this week but there should be more – hunting is coming up soon.

  53. Gayle says:

    I really like the variety of clothes for men and women even big and tall for my husband

  54. Betty says:

    Hi: love Mark’s. Is the best and most flexable clothing store out there.

  55. says:

    Good store good prices !

  56. Valerie says:

    Great work boots!

  57. Jackie McAllister says:

    Great store good people!!!!!

  58. Tina says:

    tried to find the suggested survey at the bottom, it was not anywhere to be found.

  59. Joyce says:

    Great selection!!!!

  60. fred reinink says:

    great store!

  61. J Egan says:

    Great store

  62. J Egan says:

    Great store for safety

  63. says:

    I have experienced very good customer service while shopping in person at your Leslie/Lakeshore store in Toronto as well as on the phone with their staff. As a family, we have purchased women’s & men’s work boots, men’s underwear & socks, men’s pajamas. Unfortunately, I have found that since I’ve quite short, the women’s clothing is too big for me. I usually take a look because the clothing seems high quality but unfortunately nothing ever seems to fit. Any chance of a petit line of clothing for women becoming available?

  64. Terry says:

    Great store always lots of variety

  65. Garth foley says:

    Best selection of winter clothes

  66. Robert McCord says:

    Good honest store.Good selection.

  67. faheen says:

    Great place to shop for men and women clothing

  68. Ray Nichol says:

    Love this store. Great selection in various environments (from casual to hiking to construction).

  69. Gary Alderson says:

    I enjoy shopping at Marks. They always have my size and the style I like.

  70. Barb says:

    I Love This Store!

  71. PeggyPeggy says:

    Great Store

  72. PeggyPeggy says:

    Great store with good deals

  73. Allan Lincoln says:

    I always buy a lot of clothing from Marks. It is always well-made and a good fit!

  74. LucieRaymond says:

    Love all your clothes and footware very good quality

  75. Jennifer abbott says:

    love the selection at Marks

  76. says:

    Love, Love, Love shopping at Mark’s either in store or
    online, They have a great selection

  77. David says:

    Good quality clothing & shoes! Love the sales & good customer service.

  78. Elaine Eedson says:

    Good product

  79. Marjolaine says:

    Good quality product and excellent service customer.

  80. clarence brown says:

    i buy a lot of my clothes at marks very good quality pries are a little high but they have good sales so i wait for that the workers are nice and friendly all around nice store

  81. Barb Craig says:

    I love getting coupons for Mark’s Work Wearhouse and always spend them.

  82. Chris says:

    Great store, great products

  83. les hopkins says:

    great store love shopping there

  84. Nancy says:

    I love marks

  85. Barb Crawford says:

    Good deals at times and excellent work gear!

  86. Rosanne says:

    Stylish with great sale’s and you can rely on good quality .

  87. robert says:

    awesome store awesome help

  88. robert says:

    like the store an the help

  89. Ruth Langille says:

    Great quality clothing at great prices.

  90. harpaul bhamral says:

    i like the store merchandise.goodstore

  91. harpaul bhamral says:

    beautifulssssssss store .i like the quality of the clothes

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Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada: $20 off $70 coupon

Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada: $20 off $70 coupon

528 responses to “Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada: $20 off $70 coupon”

  1. Pat says:

    Yea whats the deal….no coupon?

  2. says:

    As a tradesman I found it challenging getting work and very time consuming even when using a professional employment agency. As a tradesman looking for work specifically in Canada I wanted work fast so I found a really cool website found at where there are genuine jobs available for people like me. I hope this helps some readers.

  3. Earle Stobart says:

    I have found that the quality of their goods is consistently high and provide good value for the money

  4. says:

    i love this store!!!!

  5. says:

    i love this store

  6. Clau says:

    I like this store and all the clothing. Like the quality in the store and the colors.

  7. Elaine Konecny says:

    Where is the survey?? It is not at the bottom.
    Please advise & thank you, Elaine

  8. says:

    Looking for uniforms for my work and you recommended to me

  9. says:

    looking for uniforms and you were recommended to me

  10. Josie says:

    The clothes are great for work.

  11. roberto says:

    this is so complicated

  12. roberto says:

    this stupid site doesn’t work what a waste of time^%$#^%$&^$

  13. Amber says:

    tried to find survey – but couldn’t. Like Sherri- what am I missing?

  14. Frank Skerlak says:

    Mark’s is a great store it has everything you need to work and play

  15. Carol-Anne Babcock says:

    Do you still have coupons?

  16. Susan says:

    Mark’s work wearhouse is more than a clothing store, it takes you from office attire to the field as in mining…to beach wear.

  17. rhonda agro says:

    Where is the survey? Am going to make my purchase and want to bring the coupon. How can I get one?

  18. Moira Fogarty says:

    Your store carries most of the things I require to clothe my husband who is in a long term care facility. Socks, pull-on trousers and cotton shirts stand up well to the rigorous washing provided at the care facility. Thank you.

  19. William Clayton says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great store where I can find any clothing from casual to work clothes. There woork shoes are the best. Good sales on a regilr basis. Great store!

  20. Jessica says:

    I would love this coupon!.. but am missing the survey!?> Help!!

  21. Jessica says:

    the link isnt wokring

  22. Pedro says:

    I love your store, the clothes for work are so great

  23. Pedro says:

    Also i try but a don’t nothng yet

  24. Henry says:

    Marks is a great place to get quality work boots for a great price.

  25. Joan says:

    Marks is a great store for purchasing the bigger sizes that my husband needs for his work clothes and the prices are very good for the quality of merchandise.

  26. gopadma says:

    I tried so many times for the coupon and survey.

  27. dodie bailey says:

    love shopping at Marks! Good quality clothes that fit.

  28. Jani says:


    I love Mark’s Work Wearhouse. It is just down the street from me and I go every week.

    Keep up the good work!!


  29. veena sharma says:

    I shop at Marks Work Warehouse a lot because i like the quality and prices.
    Please provide me with the coupon for the month of August 09

  30. veena sharma says:

    looking for your coupon for shopping at the store

  31. john worral says:

    good store to find the right size of jeans

  32. john worral says:

    doog jean store

  33. William says:

    The Best store for everything needed for work in the construction sites….

  34. William says:

    Some great deals at the Dixie Outlet mall

  35. William says:

    always shop at marks

  36. Greg says:

    Marks is one of my favorite stores. When I was 17 I bought my first Carhartt winter coat and pants and I am going to replace them this yaer with a new set. We go to Marks all the time for everything else, like boots and shoes and even my wifes clothes. What is even better is it is often built near Canadian Tire, which ought to be in every mans top 5 store list.

  37. darlene cook says:

    good place for hard to find sizes in jeans

  38. Douglas May says:

    I work for a company that requires the clothing that Mark’s Carries. I have tried other stores but keep coming back to Mark’s. For work clothes and for casual men’s clothes. Very friendly staff as well.

  39. chris says:

    I went to link but no survey??

  40. says:

    Where is the survey Great coupon

  41. says:

    Where is the survey

  42. cathy steeves says:

    looking for coupons

  43. says:

    did not get any coupons, thank you for joke

  44. uripades says:

    Dear Sherri, if you haven’t gotten a coupon yet, go to the Mark’s website and sign up for the Reward’s Club.

  45. says:

    Great store and great deals!

  46. Ron bilokrely says:

    Only store I shop for clothing, etc. always save up my coupons and they deduct all from the price

  47. DAN REARDON says:


  48. Colleen Meyer says:

    Best pants ever

  49. Colleen Meyer says:

    Where is the survey?

  50. Rena says:

    I cannt find the servey either, i clicked the link for the coupon and i got the Marks page but nothing about a servey or coupon, maybe there is no coupon.

  51. John says:

    I love Marks work warehouse because they have great work clothes. Its nice to be comfortable at work, makes for a more efficient work day!

  52. Kim says:

    Had great service, was told to sign up to get coupon before I purchased a bunch of clothes. They held them for me so I could get the coupon first. Great.

  53. Ruth Van Iderstine says:

    Every year I depend on Mark’s to have fleece lined cargo pants. They are perfect for dog walking in the winter. there are none at the local store in Dartmouth Crossing, Nova Scotia. Are these pants available anywhere in Canada? Ruth

  54. mushtaq syed says:

    i like the product.

  55. Ginny Parkhouse says:

    Love the clothes at Mark’s!!! The sweaters are so cozzy and easy to care for!!!

  56. says:

    I love going to mark’s to buy my clothes; i love the colors.
    I will not go anywhere else to buy my husbands work boots. There is always a great sale.

  57. Bob says:

    Nov 2009… No coupon after filling out the form !!!

  58. Adam Ladouceur says:

    i love marks work wearhouse…. its a great store to have around especially up here in the north…

  59. Hilda DeVries says:

    Your instructions to get a coupon is not clear. Thank you.

  60. says:

    i can.t down the coupon for your store the twenty dollar coupon

  61. Nora Kugler says:

    what survey? it cant be found.

  62. Sharon says:

    Marks Work wearhouse has been the only store I could get clothes of good quality that fit me. I went through a weight loss due to health and was excited to find size 1 and 2. Know a year later I am still able to go and get the same clothes but a size or two up.

  63. says:

    i love mark, s workwear .s clothes they stand up for years thank you

  64. erni juniati says:

    where is the survey?

  65. Brian McSweeny says:

    Mark’s has everything I need.

  66. John says:

    do I get the coupon

  67. says:

    I can’t find the survey to get the coupon. Can you point me in the right direction?

  68. says:

    How do I get the coupon for Mark’s Work Wearhouse?

  69. Ross Webster says:

    Great stores, great items

  70. j bailey says:

    Looking for the coupon

  71. j bailey says:

    Nice website. Looking for coupon.

  72. j bailey says:

    Well! There is NO coupon so I guess I go somewhere else.

  73. Christy Watts says:

    I love to shop at Mark’s before I am planning to travel.

  74. Laurie Danwich says:

    Mark’s is the only store that I know I can purchase work and everyday clothing to fit my husband properly ~ it has the bigger/tall sizes that he needs and type of clothing/accessories he requires for his electrical business

  75. says:

    would like to have the 2o $ coupon

  76. Sandra Schott says:

    Marks has a great selection of clothes and other items. I usually buy more than I planned to as there are always new items in great colours and fit and styles.

  77. Kelly says:

    Marks offers a wide range of options whether you work on a construction site or an office. They have a wide range of sizes so everyone can shop there.

  78. Donna Kyle-Maxwell says:

    I love Marks Work Warehouse. The quality is excellent.

  79. BETH says:

    Can’t find any coupons??

  80. Betty-Ann Deshpande says:

    Best quality sweaters for me and shirts for my husband. My husband travels so the no-iron shirts are a great help.

  81. Teresa says:

    Mark’s has a wide variety of clothing styles that are great quality. The prices are good and you can always find a sale.

  82. says:

    No Survey!!! What a Waste of Time!!!

  83. Bev says:

    Great Stores.
    Love your no tag shirts etc.

  84. Mitica Dumitru says:

    For anyone working in construction there is only one destination MARKS WAREHOUSE.Great staff,good prices.

  85. Kim says:

    I have gone to the site, but there was not place to submit a survey, what am I doing wrong?

  86. paul villalta says:

    great store

  87. thomas mullins says:

    awesome products, look great and so very practical….

  88. Ethel says:

    trying to get this coupon……

  89. Ethel says:

    I am trying to find this survey, but am having no luck. What am I doing wrong?

  90. Sue Kelly says:

    I could really use this coupon for Christmas!

  91. martin cross says:

    I shop at Marks Work Wearhouse for all my clothes. And I like a deal.

  92. martin cross says:

    I shop at Marks Work Wearhouse for all of my clothes. Beacause I like clothes that fit and at a good price.

  93. Edith Young says:

    I find Mark’s Work Wearhouse a great store with good prices abd with great quality. My husband wont buy his casual shorts and pants anywhere else.

  94. Jennifer says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great store where I can find any clothing I need starting from clothing to wear in an office environment to outwear clothing. Great store!

  95. Nina Schroeder says:

    Love shopping at Mark’s….good selection in taller and bigger sizes

  96. Debbie says:

    I couldn’t find the survey either.

  97. nini dell says:

    In my townhouse complex we do not get flyers for your store. What can I do?

  98. says:

    Join the Rewards Club

  99. John de Vries says:

    where do I get the coupon?

  100. ameni abas says:

    thats my best store for price & quialty

  101. ameni abas says:

    best store for warrenty

  102. Avril says:

    Great deals. Thanks

  103. howard says:

    mark’s is good quality clothing

  104. Debbie Black says:

    Could not find the link for the Survey please send to link to recieve my discount coupons

    Thank you

  105. Kris HIggins says:

    Looking for the 20/70 coupon

  106. Sandy says:

    I like the clothes at Mark’s….they look good and they’re durable. My family is the outdoorsy type and I can always find something that they like at Mark’s!
    Thanks Mark’s you do a great job of supplying us with great clothing!

  107. Sandy says:

    Sherri…..I can’t find a coupon either….this might change my opinion of Mark’s!!

  108. Shelley Bourassa says:

    10 days till christmas

  109. Maria Fernandes says:

    Best fitting pants ever!

  110. Wilma Benjamins says:

    I can’t find the coupon either.
    What do i need to do?

  111. boomdog says:

    need a pair of workboots and a coupon!

  112. Lois Partington says:

    there is no survey link for me to get the $20.00 coupon??

  113. Susan says:

    I love the ladies clothing at Marks. This is a store you can find anything your looking for.

  114. Darlene Dove says:

    is this how I get the coupon? I will be shopping later today so I hope so. Thank you.

  115. Lee Henderson says:

    Is this the survey? I’m looking for the $20.00 coupon.

  116. Carol says:

    The clothing quaility at Marks is very impressive. The durability and comfort are many issues with me and that’s why I always shop so much at this store. Whether for myself or for a gift I like to know that the article of clothing will not fall apart after a few washings.

  117. Gordon says:

    I am trying to collect and print the $20.00 coupon. However there isn’t a survey for me to complete. How do I find it?

  118. Pradeep says:

    I had a hard time to find a jeans that fits me, but I am lucky I discovered Marks Work and I can do as much shopping as I want.

  119. Vik says:

    Your store has good stuff for work!

  120. Vik says:

    No coupons anywhere. Is this a scam?

  121. Joe JAgodich says:

    Great store for all men’s fashion needs. Quality you can rely on. terrific return policy. Friendly and helpful staff.

  122. GLORIAM mOULAISON says:

    Marks Work Wearhouse is a great store. I purchase for myself, grown children and frieds. Good quality and friendly service. Last Saturday on their Client Appreciation Evening the staff was great even though the line to check out was long they brought around candycanes and offered to stand in line or go get something 1 customer had forgot to get before getting in line.
    It wss a pleasent atmostphere while waiting

  123. GLORIAM mOULAISON says:

    Marks is a great store. Good quality, great sales, pleasant service in the store I frequent. At the Client Appreciation on Dec 12 the lineup to checkout was extremely long however 1 staff member kept updating us on the progress, gave us canycanes and even stood in line for a client who was already in line and had forgotten something. The Checkout staff were upbeat and joking so it was a pleasant wait. I buy for myself, adult children and friends.

  124. says:

    I am a fan of your store. I can find the sizes that you normally wont find in other stores.

  125. gursharan says:

    marks work is a that store where i find the good clothes and harness for my construction work

  126. gloria brown says:

    Love your jackets.

  127. C says:

    I too went to link but there was no survey to get a coupon. I tried “email sign up” to see if that would work, but nothing. How do you get the coupon? C

  128. Stefania Jasinski says:

    Mark’s Work Warehouse is a great store where I can find basically necessary clothes for my husband’s work and also always something for myself. Store has a good variety of clothes for everyday use and also I like solid quality in theirs fabrics. I really enjoy being helped while shopping. The staff is very helpful and curious how to please a customer.

  129. Lynn says:


  130. Bev says:

    As usual after driving 1/2 hour to my closest Mark’s Work Wearhouse… for a special – free socks with purchase… I found out while in long lineup to pay for my purchase that they were out of socks at this outlet.
    Was that the case everywhere?
    How many socks were available and given out per store?
    Very disappointed in this type of sale… maybe very few people actually received free item… the item was still available for sale in the store..

    Disappointed customer.

  131. says:

    i really like marks work warehouse, the staff is great and they always have a lot of sale items in stock!

  132. says:

    I love shopping at Marks. I feel I get good value for my money. The clothes last and fit well.

  133. D Woodhouse says:

    Marks has great cloths and other quality merchandise as reasonable prices.

  134. Shannon says:

    I love Marks for my clothes and my husbands – Hands down Marks is one of my favorite stores.

  135. says:

    My sons love the clothing at Mark Work Wearshop and it is so easy to shop for them for Christmas – pop a Mark’s gift certificate in their stocking and they can purchase what they want at Mark’s. Try it, it works.

  136. says:

    i love Mar’s work ware house for my cloths.

  137. Christina Roesler says:

    Wow, 20 off!!

  138. says:

    Great Store! Very helpful staff. Great clothes at great prices.

  139. Gayle says:

    I couldn’t find the survey or the coupon!

  140. sharon meilleur says:

    I love shopping at Mark’s the quality of clothing is great. I can always find the perfect fit in jeans both lenght and waist size.

  141. says:

    I love shopping at Mark’s the quality of clothing is great. i can buy aperfect fit for jeans boyh waist and lenght which is very hard to find.

  142. Fides Villasanta says:

    Mark’s has great merchandise for women ulike other stores that can’t supply all a woman’s clothing needs from head to toe in one convenient space. The quality of their merchandise is very good and I have been shopping there ever since I discoverd Mark’s more than 2 years ago.

  143. Diane Green says:

    please send coupons

  144. Helen Roach says:

    Hi I have tried to obtain a coupon but to no avail. Would you please make the links more user-friendly. Thanks very much. Helen

  145. Mary Blais says:


  146. wes says:

    you have to join the points club and they offer it to you instantly…only takes a sec.


  147. Samantha says:

    no comment

  148. says:

    I love the fit and feel of the women clothing. Jeans fit nicely for the curvy women. Never use to shop there, now I do regularily.

  149. Rob says:

    Same problem as Sherri, no matter what I do no survey and certainly no coupon. I have always had good luck with Mark’s Workwearhouse products and enjoy shopping there, but I must admit, I am sorrily dissapointed in thier website service.

  150. Christine Carswell says:

    how do i get the $20 coupon

  151. Charles says:

    Mark’s is a great store for outdoor wear and boots.

  152. Brian Dueck says:

    Great Shopping

  153. daenny macrae says:

    i would like to do survey and get coupon

  154. danny macrae says:

    want coupon

  155. says:

    Completing for coupon.

  156. pamela hansen says:

    Idid all my Christmas shopping at Marks this year. But when I went to fill out the survey so I could get a coupon – there was no survey.

  157. Kathy Hillier says:

    I love to shop for clothing at Marks. Actually got a gift card for Christmas and can”t wait to use it. Clothes are of great quality !!!

  158. loves coupons says:

    need a bithaday present for my guy, only place he likes to shop

  159. loves coupons says:

    love shopping at Marks, good quality and cloths fit well.

  160. loves coupons says:

    ok, i left a reply but still no coupon what else needs to be done

  161. loves coupons says:

    I typed a comment but nothing

  162. says:

    I am tall and marks close fit me

  163. S.W. says:

    I’m with Sherri…I can’t find the coupon either.

  164. john marinuzzo says:

    Excellent store, always able to find the right cloths that fit perfect.

  165. Ronald says:

    My brother intruded me to shop at Mark’s Work Warehouse and I start shopping and I introduced me friend and they too shop at Mark’s Work Warehouse. Great products, reliable and I wish they could also manufacture for kids clothing. Proud Canadian store.

  166. says:

    Want a coupon

  167. don says:

    Same here I can not get to the survey

  168. Tom says:

    Where is the survey.

  169. stephanie says:

    i love marks11

  170. says:

    Looking forward to shopping at Mark’s Work Wearhouse for the first time. Have to look for a location close to home.

  171. Anita says:

    Looking forward to shopping at Mark’s Work Wearhouse for the first time. I have to look for a store close to home.

  172. Anita says:

    After reading comments, I am looking forward to shopping at Mark’s.

  173. says:

    where is the survey?

  174. Sonja Cudmore says:

    I went shopping at Mark’s to get some new clothes for work. I have had many compliments from my co-workers on my new look. Great pants and tops at low prices.

  175. Wayne says:

    Would love to get that $20 coupon but I can’t find the 1 minute survey anywhere.

  176. Jennifer Franssen says:

    would like to do the survey and get the coupon but …. not at bottom of page as indicated. What am I missing>

  177. Claudia Hotham says:

    Mark’s is an awesome store to shop in – I cna buy work & casual clothes for my husband. Great quality.

  178. alan farrell says:

    Great store

  179. says:

    looking for 20.00 dollar coupon

  180. John says:

    Great cloths store!

  181. Rena Clark says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great place to find heavy-duty work wear that is reasonably priced. My husband likes having choices in footwear. Winter accessories are also available at Mark’s. Our family has found many great items that have lasted a while!

  182. Hilda says:

    I like the clthes and the jeans

  183. Patricia Korkoza says:

    I went to link but there was no survey to get a coupon. I tried “email sign up” to see if that would work, but nothing What am I missing?

  184. RICH says:

    I buy all my casual clothes at Marks

  185. says:

    I shop at marks always, good brands

  186. says:

    where do I get my coupon

  187. says:

    rip off no coupons

  188. Joeathome says:

    The survey is gone. But if you sign up for their rewards program and email list, get 20% off on next purchase. Need printer to print coupon and mine says good until apr 20

  189. Hitesh Patel says:

    Dear : I want 10 $ bonous card which comes with flyer for January. I want to purchase jacket, and safety shoes from your store, so please send me this coupen total 3 no. by email.

    Hitesh Patel

  190. Paula says:

    I love the sweaters!!

  191. stephen gervais says:

    hello i am from prince george bc canada.i really like your dakota grip ons.they are the best snow cleats i have ever seen.they are great!kep em coming. steve

  192. Brenda says:

    Call me stupid but I can’t find the survey at the bottom of this page! I see others are having the same problem, please help.

  193. says:

    I shop quite often at Marks work warehouse i appreciate that they carry big mens sizes. It is hard to find decent work clothing for a big size man. I am going tomorrow to hopefully purchase 2 pairs of dress pants for my father in law. And was hoping for the discount.

  194. Kim says:

    I love the store!

  195. Susan says:

    I just filled in an entire blurb and had to go back because I did not fill in my email address. It erased everything and now I have to start all over again! I do not wear dress pants anymore, however, I do like buying your casual pants as they are available in various lengths. As I am only 5’4″ tall, sometimes the petite sizes are either too short or do not fit properly.

    I very much like the quality of your teeshirts. I use to buy your ? brand of jeans for $25 per pair. (good quality). I also buy my husbands slippers from your store (good quality).

  196. Sharon Moore says:

    Enjoyed shopping at Mark’s warehouse today. Found great savings

  197. Sharon Moore says:

    Trying to print coupon but, am unable to go to the correct site

  198. DAVE DICKEY says:


  199. Nathalie Alert says:

    Mark’s Work has a really good warrenty on their safety boots and it’s great

  200. says:

    want marks wearhouse coupon

  201. Luc Ouellette says:

    where’s the survey

  202. Luc Ouellette says:

    looking for survey

  203. Gary Vena says:

    Looking for coupon.

  204. Joanne Meeboer says:

    Great store for my husband’s work clothes

  205. says:

    We are a Dutch family and we will visit Prince George BC in a few weeks. Last year we bought a lot of clothes at Marks Warehouse. The staff is so friendly and helpfull, we will return to Marks Warehouse in Prince George.
    We will buy clothes, shoes, etc. So you see, even this Dutch family loves the quality and fashion store with it’s very friendly staff!

    Kind Regards,

    Frank Klinge

  206. Iain says:

    Youre correct – I can’t find the coupon either! 🙁

  207. Debbie Frood says:

    Love it….great store !!!

  208. Courtney says:

    I have purchased many work pants for my boyfriend. They are great because he could (machine) wash them. The only problem is the color fades too quickly.

  209. Diane B says:

    Glad to find a Mark’s Work Wearhouse close to my place. It is easy to reach and I like to shop there to find any clothing I need to work or others. Thanks in advance for coupon when it’s applicable.

  210. Diane Bielby says:

    Customer Service is excellent there hasn’t been a day when I have gone through those doors without a friendly welcome. There is a huge variety in which I love and this is where my husband buys gift cards for me for Xmas. I love Mark’s!!!!

  211. April says:

    Was going to do the survey, but there wasn’t one located at the bottom of the page.

  212. pitbull says:

    good deals shop there all the time

  213. says:

    Would like $20.00 coupon for Marks Work Warehouse.

  214. says:

    How do you get the coupons?

  215. Barb says:

    Where is the survey!!!

  216. Rachelle says:

    Love your jeans.

  217. says:

    just let you know,i need a mark’s coupon to buy something at Marks

  218. says:

    how can i get marks coupon?i already done the survey

  219. Fabrice says:

    Took us so long to find Mark’s Warehouse coupon area. I shop for work items at Mark’s Warehouse often and am satisfied with all purchases. Don’t understand why their site states coupon but there isn’t one and stores are not aware of any coupons. Am I missing something like comments from Sherri above also stated? Fabrice

    e-mail me: [email protected]

  220. lance cochrane says:

    marks is the best store ever

  221. carmen willis says:

    very cute functional attire

  222. carmen willis says:

    is this the survey?

  223. Flo says:

    Always find great fit and quality

  224. Sandra Ferroni says:

    ok, send me a coupon please, and or any promotions.

  225. Thomas Fawcett says:

    Marks Work Wearhouse is the only place I can find a comfortable steel toe work shoe.

  226. Alain says:

    Could not find link to survey for the $20 coupon…

    Great store and good quality products…


  227. Tom Bagley says:

    I am trying to get the $20.00 off $70.00 coupon but will not bring up on Pc ??????????????????????????

  228. Tom Bagley says:

    How do I get coupon to print off, am going to marks today ????????????????

  229. Laura says:

    great work clothes

  230. Shelley Sivret says:

    Love the store. It is hard to find my size and the 2xl is perfect. The clothes are good quality and wash up well

  231. Carol Schultz says:

    I was interested in the survey for a 20-70% coupon but did not see any survey at the bottome of the page?

  232. Eddie Wilno says:

    I am tall and slim … It’s becoming difficult to buy jackets and pant that have any reasonable length … I have found DH jeans with 34-36″ length inseams !! …. and Dakota jackets that have a 35″ length sleeve … Good on ya Marks Work WearHouse ! !

  233. Marilyn Comeau says:

    I have found the ladies pants to be a perfect fit. They even permit a couple pound gain and they still feel good on. Everyone should give these a try. (pull on style, no pockets)

  234. Marilyn Comeau says:

    Ready to look for some new spring clothes, going to Mark’s today.
    The pants are comfy and the right length.

  235. Julie Lindblad says:

    Coupon for mark’s work warehouse

  236. julie Lindblad says:

    marks work warehouse coupon

  237. Bob says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse meets all of my clothing needs, both casual and work, with a wide selection of sizes and styles.

  238. martin says:

    marks is a great store

  239. Liz says:

    Mark’s has great casual clothes for the office and for out of the office

  240. Liz says:

    I shop at Mark’s anytime I am looking for casual clothes for the office and for out of the office.

  241. rocchina maggetti says:

    Mark’s is a great store for value and quality

  242. rocchina maggetti says:

    I can’t figure out how to get the survey that gets you the coupon either.

  243. Brigid Cyr says:

    I love shopping at MWW. Great selection of clothing for all sizes. Glad to see that MWW is now carring Point Zero.

  244. Shelley Herbert says:

    Marks work warehouse has great specials.

  245. Kim says:

    I love Marks T-Shirts.

  246. says:

    I really like to show at Marks work warehouse, especially now that they have clothing for women.


  247. Navi says:

    I especially enjoy the quality and durability of your products….Navi

  248. Natalie says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is an eggcellent store with great work and casual coths. The fit is great!

  249. Theresa Pacheco says:

    Where’s the survey?

  250. Karen Luzar says:

    Love Mark’s Work Wearhouse…always find something.

  251. Dawn says:

    I have always looked the quality of Mark’s Work Wearhouse! I find the clothes fit nicely too and are eaasy to wash and care for.

  252. sylvie says:

    i purchased clothes at this store but i find that once they are washed they shrink and don’t fit anymore

  253. MOLLY JOHNSON says:


  254. DOT BLANCHARD says:


  255. DOT BLANCHARD says:


  256. wendy says:

    I too went to link as well, found no survey to get my coupon

  257. Brenda says:

    I am having trouble accessing the survey to fill out.

  258. Cyn says:

    I went to the link also but there was no survey to get a coupon. What am I missing?

  259. Gerry Chao says:

    Wanderful idea. I like it.

  260. says:

    website is NOT truthful… no coupons offered… should CLOSE thios website… i am coping this to my friends list…

  261. Sharon Gosine says:

    I love the clothing

  262. V. Schumacher says:

    I have been mostly satisfied with the Mark’s products except for one occasion. My husband had some lightweight summer pants. I laundered them as usual and patted them down before hanging them up to dry. I tugged a LITTLE to get rid of some wrinkles and they ripped. When I took them to my local store, the store manager gave me a hard time and refused to give me any sort of break on them even though they were quite new. It annoyed me so much that I actually didn’t go near a Mark’s for a couple of years. Your loss!

  263. Sue says:

    I like MArks’ but have had some recent quality issues. I would like the coupon to try and recoup my loss.

  264. Carol Vaughan says:

    Please provide my $20 off coupon $70 coupon

  265. jerue says:

    mark’s work wearhouse is the only store i get light safety shoes

  266. Meesh says:

    I don’t see a link either…

  267. Filomena Gonzalez says:

    I;d like to receive notice of sales and coupons.


  268. says:

    Nice scheme. Bunch of bullshit.

  269. Dave says:

    Good selection, bright uncluttered store and colthes that offer good value. That is why I like to shop at Marks

  270. Erin says:

    I love the scrub sets. They are so comfortable.

  271. oksana says:


  272. debbie teodorescu says:

    Mark’s warehouse is a unique place to go, finding good quality clothes at an affordable price. Nice selection and variety. Never a let down and always work the shopping.

  273. Stephen Soroka says:

    going to marks for work boots for school, great stuff

  274. Stephen Soroka says:

    going to Marks for school clothes and boots

  275. Rosemary Miller says:

    I really enjoy your store and I recommend it to anyone looking, not only for work related clothes, but everyday clothes worn by non-construction workers.

  276. says:

    good store for rain gear and its raining big time.

  277. mike clancy says:

    Love the no iron shirts.

  278. John Fuller says:

    I tried to find the link to the survey but it is not on the page or at the bottom of the page as indicated. What gives?

  279. says:

    i like to shop a water proof shoes from marks work wear

  280. Diana says:

    Couldn’t find link for survey!

  281. Tricia Montpellier-Renaud says:

    Great store – like the warm, comfy fleece pj pants.

  282. says:

    Like Sherri I couldn’t find the survey either and today is Sept 23, 2010

  283. Peggy says:

    Husband and I love Mark’s as they carry lots of different styles and sizes.

  284. Shelly says:

    I can always find the right clothes in the right fit at the right price. My favorite place to shop.

    Can’t find the survey.

  285. I don’t get the coupons in the regular mail as I don’t get the paper so would like to get the monthly marks work coupons.

  286. Vips says:

    love marks warehouse

  287. says:

    Would Like store No 048 to order Carpenter blue jeans next year as they did not this year. I know a lot of people that noticed there were none this year. I work in a fire hall and it was definately noticed. Thanx Brad Nygard 604 5889836

  288. says:

    I do love the store though

  289. Erika says:

    I did not find the coupon either. I don;t think you missed anything!

  290. Joel Rennie says:

    I like the work shoes at Mark’s

  291. Joel Rennie says:

    I will complete the survey

  292. sally says:

    no comment

  293. Chipo says:

    Always find trendy staff as big as I am. Love it

  294. says:

    Marks is a great store but where are the coupons that use to come on the flyers.

  295. says:

    How do I get the coupon

  296. Rose M Dang says:

    I need a coupon to buy the toe shoes.I realy like the shoes in Mark’s work wearhouse but it’s too expensise so please give me a coupon so I can go to to the store by it right away.
    Thanks a lot.

  297. Becky says:

    Love the clothes, i even bought brides maid dresses there!

  298. Paul says:

    What happened to the survey & coupon – both are missing

  299. myrna says:

    I did the survey and never got the discount coupon. What’s that? Now you ahve all my information and I have no coupon. Don’t expect me to shop at marks again ever!

  300. Muriele says:

    Going shopping for new Winter clothes, need coupon.

  301. William Holme says:

    I am a large person and take 4x. I find the quality at mark’s work Wearhouse very good so it is the only store that I shop at for clothing. The only complain is it is hard to find stuff my size so the clerks always have to help me or I would never find the clothes I buy. Also you run out of things at my size. But I like the store enough to complain than just go some where else.

  302. Anne Megahy says:

    I’m a fan of Marks Workwearhouse and I happy that there is now a Marks store in my area. I love their quality and frequently drop in to see ‘what has my name on it.’
    It’s all about quality.

  303. Anne Megahy says:

    What do the line ‘website’ mean?

  304. bonnie says:

    cant find a survey either

  305. Leonard Dabydeen says:

    Need a coupon to goshopping at the Mark’s WorkWearhouse Store at Trinity Common Mall in Brampton.

  306. margie woodman says:

    I am trying to complete the survey, but don’t see it on the web page?

  307. says:

    I enjoy shopping at the store for family and friend they carry a large variety of excellent clothing that does not fall apart

  308. Roxane says:

    Great store lots of nice clothing for women for their work attire.

  309. Marlene Neufville says:

    Heard lots of great things about Mark Warehouse. Need to go there to get a pair of steel point shoes.

  310. says:

    Marks Work Warehouse is the place I end up buying most of my daily clothes at. They have a abundence of lines to choose from & prices are always fair. This is the way I view it from my little corner of the world.

  311. Justin Smith says:

    I love Marks work warehouse.. Great work boots.. great quality.

  312. bonnie thomas says:

    love your dri-wear line

  313. Brody Loverin says:

    I love the store, you can get anything there… work, dress, or casual. A guy has to still look good while working and at Mark’s you can do that!!

  314. Rudolph says:

    My dad only goes to Marks work wearhouse for clothes

  315. alicia says:

    marks greats always where i do my christmas shopping or for any gift

  316. Chris Wentworth says:

    I buy from Mark’s for my uniforms, clothes, and gifts. I find that Mark’s clothes last.

  317. Debbie says:

    They have great jeans there and if you cant find your size they do a fast fine. Got my jeans in 4 days great services

  318. Ruzica says:

    Really enjoy the fact I can get a coupon for nice clothes that are distinctive

  319. Joanne Thompson says:

    We buy all of our jeans here. Great value .

  320. bert frost says:

    great shoe selection

  321. bert frost says:

    great deals on shoes

  322. rasool says:

    marks ware is a great store for all my outdoor needs from shoes to jackets and gloves and so on.I am a little right now with this survey because i could not find it

  323. rasool says:

    i still dont see the survey

  324. Parm Basra says:

    My husband bought non-iron shirts and they are great.

  325. I love the Marks |warehouse tug your tummy pants… it looks really great on you.

  326. says:

    great store. especially for safety boots. easy to find your way around in the store. thanks

  327. Cheryl says:

    Mark’s Work Warehouse sells well made apparel. They also sell some XS clothing in the women’s department which I need and is hard to find in many stores. Two thumbs up for Mark’s Work Warehouse!

  328. Cheryl says:

    I agree with Sherri there is no survey to get a coupon. What are we missing????

  329. Maria Stroeve says:

    Marks coupons what a great deal.

  330. Maria Stroeve says:

    Can’t find the survery

  331. Jane says:

    so…. where is this survey?

  332. says:

    Looking for a coupon for the store.

  333. Wanda Northrup says:

    looking for coupons

  334. says:


  335. says:


  336. Karen says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great store where I can find great shoes. I love the women’s pants they fit good.

  337. says:


  338. says:


  339. elisabeth says:

    lots of great deals, need a coupon

  340. says:

    I can’t even see how to do this survey for this coupon. I live out of town, and have to take a ferry to shop, so I try to plan my days. This does not want to make me shop there….

  341. says:

    I can’t see how to do the survey either. It is difficult to try to shop on a limited budget and have to drive 45 min and take a ferry 40 min,in order to go to a place other than walmart to shop.I am so limited where I live and I thought i could save 20$

  342. patrick says:

    Yes I like marks. they have great stuff. like boots and work clothes

  343. Gord Thompson says:

    Unable to get the Coupon for Mark’s Work Warehouse. It should be easy, not hard

  344. says:

    always shop at marks work warehouse..whenever i have a coupon i make sure to use it…

  345. says:

    filled out the reply now how do i get my coupon…

  346. Michele says:

    I love Marks Warehouse, this is the only store I can find jeans that fit and are proper waistline. Your getting top notch clothing at great prices. My husband and I always shop here, even xmas time this is where we go.

  347. says:

    do alot of christmas shopping here.

  348. William Graber says:

    looking forward to great deals

  349. William Graber says:

    looking for my coupon

  350. William Graber says:

    wher do I get the coupon?

  351. Ken & Marlene Morrison says:

    Sure have been enjoying all that Mark’s Work Wearhouse has been offering over the years. But we especially appreciate the way your employees look after the customers. Thank you for looking after us
    Ken & Marlene

  352. Dina Cabral says:

    I went to link but there was no survey to get a coupon. I tried “email sign up” to see if that would work, but nothing What am I missing? TIA

  353. Monique says:

    This is great… I love this store because of the quality – thanks

  354. SHAWN says:


  355. Faith Eckenswiller says:

    I love their jeans

  356. Jenn says:

    Great clothes and good selection of hard to find sizes. I can always count on finding a gift for my dad at Mark’s Work Warehouse

  357. Patricia Wong says:

    I was looking for the survey offered on the back of my sales receipt for a chance to win an iPod or $1000, plus a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $40. What happened…why is it not available?

  358. Graham says:

    Mark’s is an awesome store!

  359. Dieter Stradtmann says:

    Great winter closing

  360. Hemalatha says:

    I love Mark’s, they carry the best formal clothes as well the winter wears, infact my husband’s favorite store & we have been shopping since the time Mark’s opened in Burlington, N.

  361. says:

    The store is great.I have found the best most durable clothing here. I was looking for rain wear- waterproof and breathable jackets and here I found some good quality and good prices.

  362. says:

    cant find the link for the survey also.

  363. says:

    How do I get the coupon for Mark’s?

  364. says:

    where is the marks coupon>?

  365. Stretch says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great store where I can find any clothing I need for any field of work



  367. says:

    hi my names chris cameron and I sometimes like shopping at marksworkwarehouse. But the one thing I do not like is there pricing.

  368. la says:

    Where is the survey?

  369. Leo says:

    Mark’s has increased their product line with awesome clothing for work, office and everyday wear.

  370. Scott says:

    I dont see know survey eaither what is going on.

  371. Scott says:

    No survey here

  372. darby schleich says:

    i enjoy shopping at m.m.w.

  373. rob says:

    Yes I like coupons and discounts on product I would normally buy anyways!

  374. Harold says:

    Great store!!

  375. Susan Livingtstone says:

    Love, love your clothes. Your spring collection is one of the nicest yet.

  376. Karen Kraft says:

    Wanting to download the coupons

  377. Paula Morgan says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great store where I can find any clothing I need. Great store!

  378. Kim Schilbe says:

    I also went to the link and there was no survey to complete!! I guess no coupon for me 🙁

  379. Sylvie says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse is a great place to shop and they have a variety of stuff.

  380. David Lambie says:

    Can not locate survey to get coupon.


  381. says:

    Greatest quality clothing of any store, be it causaul or work ware!!!

  382. gary bach says:

    great place to shop

  383. Candice Huddleston says:

    Excellent product and always great selection and customer service

  384. Ian says:

    I’m with Sherri. I tried everything to get to that survey but nothing What’s the deal or more important, where’s the deal.

  385. Susan Low says:

    Mark’s is a great store. I can always find the clothes that I am looking for at a reasonable price and they are very durable.

  386. art tang says:

    looking for coupon

  387. art tang says:

    looking for 20 dollar off coupon

  388. j.ree says:

    perfect store for workboots,excellent

  389. Bonnie Ross says:

    Great place to shop

  390. mahmut says:

    I tried to do the same it brings me back to their page. No survey and no coupon..Disappointing

  391. Tyler Dziarmaga says:

    Great Prices and great items

  392. garant says:

    can i get this coupon please.

  393. carlos medeiros says:

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada: $20 off $70 coupon

  394. mike says:

    Thanks for the savings, every little bit helps!!

  395. Doug Krysko says:

    I just got a new job and I needed to have work boots, pants and shirts. My first (and only) stop was Mark’s Work Wearhouse. I got everything I needed including lots of help from the staff and am going back for more !

  396. wally Faser says:

    there was no survey on the page

  397. Ken says:

    Easy shopping.

  398. Cheryl Heavener says:

    I love Marks and buy great clothes and shoes.

  399. jau says:

    best place ever to shop!

  400. Shelly says:

    My family loves Mark’s Work Wearhouse

  401. says:

    thanks for the cupons its realy help

  402. says:

    I also find a lot of safety items like shoes, clothing in Mark Work warehouse. Great.

  403. ANNA COOKE says:

    What a awesome store! I love it!

  404. Leanne says:

    Always always shop here for all my husbands work clothing!! Great store!

  405. rani says:

    looking for steel toe boots, found great deal at mark’s

  406. jenn johnson says:


  407. kim says:

    Not sure if this is going to work

  408. Heather Jackson says:

    I love Mqrks work wearhouse

  409. Floyd Stomp says:

    I can find exactly what I need for work, from work gloves to work boots.

  410. M.Caron says:

    I will like to receive a coupon

  411. russell watton says:

    very good quality

  412. russell watton says:

    glad to shop there

  413. russell watton says:

    very nice place to shop

  414. russell watton says:


  415. Richte says:

    Will comment after I get the coupon. Read comments that no coupon available.

  416. William Wong says:

    good !

  417. Janelle says:

    This store is great and I can always find something here.

  418. Erena says:

    I THINK THIS IS A SCAM…..another crummy company wasting our time pretending they will give us a coupon for filling out a non existent survey. Pathetic.

  419. Erena says:

    There is no survey …No coupon. I feel ripped off.

  420. Nicole says:

    Love this store! Shop here all the time.

  421. says:

    looking for a marks work warehouse coupon

  422. Corey gore says:

    As of being a mechanic for several years now, marks work warehouse has been the most affordable prices for such high quality clothing and most importantly boots, their spider traction grip and anti shock soles are a plus in a highly dangerous environment such as a shop.
    great shopping and better prices!

  423. says:

    would like to be ableto print out coupon. thank-you

  424. dave posteraro says:


  425. says:

    want to do the 20 off 50 survey asap

  426. says:

    A Mark’s Work Warehouse flyer went out recently with a $10 of $50 purchase coupon but I can’t find it anywhere! When I called the store they said to go online to get it as they don’t carry them but I can’t find it here- help!

  427. Ambrose says:

    where is the survey?

  428. Senaka Herath says:

    Could you please send me free coupons

  429. nancy perras says:

    i would like a coupon please

  430. nancy perras says:

    this website does not work its just annoying.

  431. says:

    I buy all my clothing at Marks also all my uniforms and beleive me i have many love this store

  432. sardul says:

    i like the clothes n shoe of marks work warehouse. so comfortable. its a great store.

  433. Daphne says:

    Good quality fabrics and construction processes make your garments stand out.

  434. Harlene Mooney says:

    I love Marks Work Warehouse. I purchase alot of my workclothes there. And the return policy is amazing which is very important to me.

  435. betty dickoff says:

    My husband works construction and needs a good pair of boots; hopefully we can find a workable pair that are guarateed as the pair he currently has has worn on the bottom and CAT will not cover them.

  436. says:

    I am not seeing the survey for Mark’s Work Wearhouse

  437. CHERYL SIMPSON says:

    I get most of my clothes at Mark’s for both the office and casual wear and I find they have a great selection. I love their jeans.

  438. Kathy says says:

    I think its great that they carry 28″ lengths in jeans in petites. Good quality, good pricing

  439. Dave says:

    great store has everything I need for the out doors

  440. says:

    Was there this morning didn’t get any discounts because they don’t send us flyer!

  441. margaret prekaski says:

    Love the store, especially now the Yorkton one has been redesigned.

  442. Taiya says:

    I had the same problem…where’s the survey?

  443. Kristin Brower says:

    I love Marks work warehouse for their coats and boots.

  444. says:

    i could not find the survey!!

  445. lesley oaten says:

    what a great coupon!!

  446. Trudy says:

    I shop quite a bit at marks, my son lives in northern Canada and I can get clothes for him that is warm enough to withstand the cold temperature. The quality is very good and I can order an item and have it shipped which is great for those of us that have busy schedules.

  447. Trudy says:

    Marks is a great store, shop there quite a bit, the quality is very good. I have a son in nothern Canada and I purchase clothes at Marks that he can wear in the cold climate along with dress clothes. Being able to shop on line and have the items shipped is a bonus, really helps with todays busy schedules. Stick with the quality items and you will see MARKS around for a long time.

  448. Rachel Landry says:

    Where is the survey to get my coupon?

  449. says:

    Looking to utilize Marks coupon towards a purchase later today

  450. dan says:

    I have been shopping there for years

  451. jean says:

    great store for all work wear.

  452. jean says:

    marks work wearhouse is a great store for all of our clothing needs

  453. Curtis Livingston says:

    Mark’s is the best place to get your work clothes, I always buy by boots and gear there, it’s the best.

  454. Matt says:

    signing up for a coupon – there is no link

  455. Wendy says:

    I love Marks. They always have just what I need and like 🙂

  456. Wendy says:

    Where’s the survey??

  457. Linda says:

    I don’t like shopping at Marks as much as I used to since they have renovated the stores. I find that nothing has a certain place. For example they have jeans in 3-4 different places in the store in the women’s section. They also do not have certain items together anymore,
    eg: all modern cut pants, curvy pants or classic cut. They have some curvy in one part, some in another and so on. I realize it makes you go through the whole store which may cause impulse buying but I find it irritating that I can’t find what I’m looking for.

  458. russell neufeld says:

    trying to do the survey for the coupon

  459. Mike says:

    Love to shop at Mark’s. Great cloths at a decent price. My favorite is the lined jeans.

  460. says:

    Fashionable, durable clothing that lasts!

  461. Denise Worrall says:

    I love Marks for both men and women clothing! It dose
    nt matter what you are looking for, they always have it

  462. Joyce Nason says:

    Love shopping at Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Quality is great, fair prices and excellent return policy

  463. says:

    I would like a coupon

  464. Carmen McElroy says:

    hi, wanted to fill survey for coupon will not let me can not find survey

  465. Lissa Vagi says:

    My sister and I find the best prices at the Mark’s Work Wearhouse in Leamington,On and because the quality is much better than most super-sized stores, we have a pleasant shopping experience all round. The Denver Hayes stretch jeans are the only ones I wear, and I wear them all day.

  466. Julie Duncan says:

    Great store!!

  467. Kim Kruse says:

    I like this store

  468. munhall says:

    Likw coupons

  469. Sarah says:

    Where is the coupon? I’m going to Town Shoes, because I’m too annoyed.

  470. Rose says:

    I can’t find the link for the coupon either.
    Maybe it’s bull?

  471. Deborah Norris says:

    i hope this works

  472. Pee Home says:

    I clicked to get the survey/coupon and it just takes me to a flyer page with no survey. What am i doing wrong

  473. says:

    I love shopping at mark’s work warehouse and would love a $20.99 coupon Thank you

  474. Kim Heudes says:

    I love shopping at Mark`S

  475. Megan says:

    I would like to fill out your survey but there is nothing “at bottom of this page” like the istructions say. I work in the construction trade and frequently shop at Marks. Would love to get a coupon!!!

  476. Walter Wilkins says:

    If finding the survey is an intelligence test – I failed! Boy, they make you Work at Mark’s . . . can anyone out there help me find it? (Poor, poor web-page design.)

  477. Anthony Lau says:

    I am a truck driver, whenever I need a work boot, I come to Marks Work


  478. Anthony Lau says:

    I am a truck driver, and I have to wear a work boot when I am working.
    Whenever I need a good boot, I come to Marks Work Warehouse.

  479. Darlene Woytowich says:

    Mark’s wearhouse coupons

  480. says:

    sherry is wright this is not working

  481. says:

    I am a fan of Marks Work Wearhouse! I buy all my pants here as they have the longer leg sizes!!

  482. Marge says:

    Looking for your coupon

  483. Marge says:

    Looking for your coupon?

  484. says:

    I find Marks clothing very durable, as I work out doors I need warmth and toughness to guard me against the weather.

  485. says:

    This is a great store to buy stuff startinfg from fashion to your workplace requirments. A lot of selection and pretty reasonable rates.

  486. says:

    Hi I tried to do the survey as stated by many no survey at bottom of page to get coupons this must be a joke..

  487. joe says:

    where is this survey??????

  488. Lyndon Scott says:

    I have to fill out this survey to get the deal I wanted because Mark’s Work Wearhouse advertises:a minimum %50 off clearance sale. Then excludes clearance items such as CLEARANCE Safty Shoes. I have been buying Mark’s Work wear for years and I think its bad publicity…go read the signs for yourselves guys, its bad advertising!!

  489. mark zebrun says:

    Great store

  490. Shahnaz Rahimtula says:

    DEar Sir/Madam
    I spent 30-40 mins trying tro look for your coupon? How do I download?? your coupon – I love your store and want to shop there but unable to access your coupon area???
    Kindly help or call 778 688 0037

  491. Aaron Gibbons says:

    great store for work supplies

  492. Aaron Gibbons says:

    wheres my coupon scam

  493. says:


  494. Wilda Chang says:

    Marks has good casual jeans, store near me.

  495. Colette says:

    I have to buy aa pair of work shoes with steel toes at the cost of $129.00 and was trying to find a store coupon on the internet to reduce the cost a little.unfortunatly no luck. I wish there was an easyer way to get a coupon when we have to buy something so expensive and rearlery goes on sale. P.S. I do love your colthing and wear them all the time

  496. says:

    Great place for work boots has a good selection

  497. Ashlee says:

    Love this store!!!

  498. Dani Yakimov says:

    Great store. I buy 90% of my clothes there

  499. Louise Hlady says:

    Mark’s has terrific clothes for both men and women.

  500. Judy says:

    Well made, practical clothing at reasonable prices. Love to shop at Mark’s.

  501. says:


  502. says:

    I found the same problem as Sherri, I received the email but when I
    clicked on the link, nothing. I love shopping at Mark’s the best store
    in this area. All the things I need and more.

  503. Donna says:

    I love the quality of clothing Marks offers. Never gonna shop anywhere else.

  504. janice tremblay says:

    I love Mark’s Work Warehouse for my son’s clothes. They are durable and look great!

  505. Worms says:

    Me too ticked off … link goes to site survey and site is a pain!

  506. Tracey says:

    Love marks!!!

  507. Adam says:

    You didn’t get a reply becuase this was from 2007. I just tried to find it too…in 2012. I don’t see why stuff like this is still accessable, wasting peoples time.

  508. says:

    I would like the $20. off $70 coupon

  509. Elizabeth says:

    I’m really enjoying shopping at Mark’s Work Warehouse both for myself and my husband.

  510. says:

    Mark’s clothing is wonderful !! and it has been always a pleasure to shop there !!

  511. says:

    It has been a pleasure to shop at Mark’s !! It has a wonderful line of clothing !!

  512. says:

    Mark’s is a wonderful place to shop !!

  513. Victor Wong says:

    I love the work boots from Mark work’s wearhouse. Great store!

  514. Patsy LeRoux says:

    I did the survey but no coupon to print.

  515. Patsy LeRoux says:

    I did the survey and no coupon to print.

  516. Linda says:

    Same comment, went to complete the survey but you are only directed to the latest flyer???

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