In the direction of Nagoya, there is a lot of useful information to help you find the venue that will hold the 1.5 th meeting.

Recently, the wedding ceremony has various patterns, and overseas
Wedding ceremonies alone in churches etc in Japan, only wedding ceremony
Do and do wedding party etc in a relaxed way at a later date
There are a lot of people saying how to say it.
That kind of situation, not too much formality, easy way to bustle
A wedding reception in the form of celebrating the bride and groom, the so-called Second Order
Nevertheless, I say 1.5th meeting in a form I have never heard before
Eating stuff and cuisines etc that everyone wants to eat freely
Wedding reception that you are going to put on is popular.
Those who attend will receive membership fees and remain in casual clothes
Because it is said that we can attend, even those who work for the company
Because it is OK with a normal suit, relax and come to celebrate
It is good to be able to do things.
Such a place, the place best suited for 1.5th meeting, popular place in Nagoya area
Pick up and cook and atmosphere, price and accessibility etc
Compare it from various things, if you open a 1.5th meeting in Nagoya here
We are releasing a ranking that it is good, and from this we have a reception
I think that it will be very helpful for those who are going to do so
Please access and confirm the details by all means.
Where to recommend relaxing casual 1.5 meetings
A little, what can be done with a formal feeling etc
It is introduced in detail.
The operator of this site actually opens his own 1.5th meeting
Planning, for that, I checked a lot of venues firmly and cooked
I also stick to the appearance and taste, so there are also karaoke etc.
The condition of the sound system, whether the facilitator is present, not only the young one
Why elderly people can comprehensively incorporate into the atmosphere Comprehensively Look at the result
Since the information on the venue that we used has also been released, as a reference
It is good.
Of course not only the bride and groom but celebrating the participants smiling and being lively
I want to make such a venue choice.

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