Pizza Pizza Canada and Costco Canada Offers: Save up to $24 Off African Lion Safari Admission


If you’re looking for a fun outing this Summer, check out African Lion Safari Canada! It’s a cool way for you and your family to check out animals you’d normally only find half a world away up close and personal. Admission rates are normally a little expensive, but right now both Pizza Pizza Canada and Costco Canada have some great discounts that can save you up to $24 off the price of admission!


If you pick up the latest flyer from Pizza Pizza Canada, you’ll find this coupon that gives you $4 off the price of admission for up to 6 people. That means that you could save up to $24 off your family trip to African Lion Safari! Admission for an adult between 13 and 59 normally goes for $33.95, but with this coupon, the price will be $29.95 per adult. Children between 3 and 12 can enter for $21.95  instead of the regular $25.95. This coupon is valid until September 20, 2015.


If you’re a Costco Canada member, then you can get a slightly better deal on admission to African Lion Safari for adults. Costco ticket prices for adults are $29.79 instead of the regular $33.95. Kids admission will be $21.99 instead of the regular $25.95.

African Lion Safari is an amazing chance to see lions, elephants, cheetahs and other exotic animals right in your own backyard. It’s worth checking out at least once!

7 responses to “Pizza Pizza Canada and Costco Canada Offers: Save up to $24 Off African Lion Safari Admission”

  1. MossGreen says:

    You can also print the pizza pizza coupon from here

  2. JK says:

    I can’t seem to find the tickets on the Costco Canada website – do you have the link for it? Thx.

  3. Kim Locke says:

    I would not say this is a “fun” outing for children by any means. They mistreat the animals in their cage and money is always the bottom line.

  4. Haviva says:

    A great place if you support animal abuse. Notice the bullhook the elephant trainer is holding? The animals are imprisoned there and spend up to 7 months of the year in sheds during off season. Animals are capture from the wild. Poor choice for kids to learn about animals… Unless u want to teach them about abuse.

    • Bob Barker says:

      That’s right everyone!!! Stop the madness, let’s round up all the animals and get them out of Canada. I’m Bob Barker form Price is Right, I stole Toronto’s elephants and next target is African Lion Safari. Your kids will NEVER see a wild animal ever again MUHAHAHAHAH.

  5. The President says:

    Relax, relax my friends. It is a great opportunity to see the different kinds of animals first hand. There is no need to try to free the animals: on the other hand new standards should be implemented. I approve of this Safari Adventure!

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