Rogers Pay As You Go Customers, if you get a Call from 1-800-575-9090 Answer

Rogers Pay as you go

I got a call from 1-800-575-9090 today. While the phone was ringing I quickly Googled the number and found it was Rogers Pay As you Go so I answered. It was an automated message thanking me for being a loyal customer and giving me a free 14 digit pin for $5 worth of Rogers Pay As You Go airtime 😀

Will this $5 change my opinion of Rogers terrible customer service? No! It’s one of the worst ever and their automated system is a nightmare.

15 responses to “Rogers Pay As You Go Customers, if you get a Call from 1-800-575-9090 Answer”

  1. Mich says:

    Aww i wish I’ll get this, I’ve been a pay as you go costumer for a long time!

  2. MR says:

    I’ve received a text message from Telus with something similar (I’m pay and talk with them.) And they gave me 20 free minutes for my “loyalty” heh.

  3. says:

    while the phone was ringing you googled the number?

    i call bullshit. smells like advertorial to me.

  4. Boo Radley says:

    Dude just cuz your blog is about “buzz” doesn’t mean the world revolves around that 😉

    How hard is it to Google a number if the phone is right next to you? Any idea how many telemarketers this method saved me from?

    I couldn’t care less about Rogers and I think they suck big time… In fact, I’ll edit this post and say that I think Rogers Customer Service sucks.


    I don’t cheat my readers and I don’t accept advertising of that kind on this blog. Period.

  5. tattoodprincess says:

    to bz…it is more than possible to google a number while its ringing, if your connection isn’t dial up I’d say you could do it with pretty much any number (I’ve done it with a weird long distance number that has called my house numerous times and no one talks when I answer *GRR*).
    Seeing as this was also a 1-800 number coming from their provider, chances are great they woul have continued to let it ring until Boo answered the phone. It’s not like it was a person on the other end who would get impatient, it was an automated service set to start “talking” when you pick up. Not everything is a conspiracy theory dude lolz

  6. kekes says:

    Im really stunned at your comment re: Rogers Customer Service. We have a monthly plan and wow … they are the greatest customer service, infact, we left our Manitoba grown “MTS” and opted for Rogers based on the customer service we got from them… Too bad Boo … I hope you get better service in the future.

  7. CoCo says:

    I get a BUNCH of 1-800 1-647 1-866 1-519 you name it…calling me 2/3/4 times a day…gets really annoying! It pays to get caller ID!

    I always go to this site

    and type in the # to see if anyone knows who is calling. Almost ALL the time, someone else out there is getting these same calls…you can report calls too…saves me a lot of time and frustration! now most of the time…I don’t pick up ANY calls unless I know who it is…because I picked one up one time and my phone company charged me money…someone they used my home line…

  8. Betsy says:

    hello mr. rogers you not only give me lousy internet service but you also rob my pay as you go. thanks a lot jerk

  9. Annie says:

    I try to get in tuch with Rogers for the last 2 weeks to change something on my account. No luck.
    They sucks I’m looking for a new cell phone provider who I can get in touch with when I need it.

  10. says:

    I dont think the customer services are any better on the networks in the UK, however you do get some quite good deals on Pay as You Go/Prepay handsets over here. E.G O2 Suprises, they offer you free gifts when you top up, you can get some credit back, mp3 players, etc… Might be worth moving for, lol

  11. Kelly VanHeesch says:

    Hello…..I would like a rep to please email me back.
    Apparently the acct. I have signed up for my (young) son was due yesterday,not today as I thought….because of the 30 day thing !!!!(since Oct. has 31 days….)This is very disappointing as we had bought him a card about 5 days ago & were just waiting for the 6th to come….I talked to a rep.just now on the phone…..Holly,I asked for a supervisor but was NOT available…Cynthia,is on duty she said,to call back later.Holly said that we had messages sent to say that the acct. was going to need top up on the 4th & 5th….but it is NOT on our phone.Why is that NOT coming up then !! She said that it is our responsibility to keep this up to date…sure I respect that but this is a new acct.. & we were mixed up with the date having the 31 days….I think you should be a little more leaniant on subscribers that this has happened to. I think I will phone Bell…or other & ask what their rules are on this…..You are definitely giving Us a bad experience on this matter…… Please get back to me ASAP….I have added the card so my son could be sure to have a phone to use on the bus on the way to school but I am NOT happy !!!!!! thanks for listening & hope someone gets back to me ASAP.

  12. Kelly VanHeesch says:

    Wasn’t aware this was going to show up here…..where do I send a private message to so that a rep. can return my message….THANKS !!

  13. Elaine says:

    Turns out customer service has gone out the window with most business. They save money not hiring people by using automated service…it is only our time they are wasting. There are a lot of people who steal our time…Rogers, Consumers gas, hydro, banks etc. We probably only lose about 1 month of time in a life time altogether. I guess what we need is a time card to punch when we walk in a business with a number on it as well so when we call and wait or wait in a line we should be credited every min over 5 mins. I think 10 cents a min is fair. I bet we won’t be waiting anymore with any business if we had a time waiting card to swipe. Can somebody who is wealthy get this going…I want my time back!!!

  14. alma says:

    it’s suks. i bought sim card and guy told me it’s going to be activate id about an hours- two, yeah,really, 4-5 hours my sim card is inactivate. this is all about rogers, what about is i have to deal with u guys about monthly plans, home phone etc etc,noooooo way.

  15. To the haters says:

    Just so you know, its people with bad attitudes who act all nice and act as if they care about people and then turn out to be the some of the worst people that I have ever met. If youve had a bad cx service experience then its because you got someone who should not be working with people. Also with that comes the customers calling in who think that they deserve the world that makes working in that envirioment hell for the employees. Rogers is selling a service for a specific rate. You dont ask for discounts on gas. You dont go to walmart and go up to the cash register with groceries and say “you know Ive been coming here for years, I deserve a discount.” They would laugh at you. Dont like the service discontinue it and stop complaining.

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