Shoppers Drug Mart Canada 10,000 Bonus Optimum Points for Plus Members and More!

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Huge thanks to Bridges_48 for this awesome post!

It’s huge bonus time again for all you Optimum Plus members!  Present this printable coupon and spend at least $50 before November 6 and you will recieve a huge 10 000 bonus Optimum points!  There are also 4 other bonus point coupons available to Plus members.  They are:

Get 2500 when you buy 2 Nexxus Products

Get 1000 when you buy N’7 or Botanics Product

Get 1000 when you buy 2 Nestle Noir Tablets

Get 1000 when you buy 2 Febreze Products

These bonus point coupons are valid through November 13, 2009.

Happy Bonus Points Optimum Plus Memebers!

13 responses to “Shoppers Drug Mart Canada 10,000 Bonus Optimum Points for Plus Members and More!”

  1. Justine says:

    I am like 1000 some pts away from plus status… it seems to take ages to get plus. I rarely shop at sdm too, and when I do, I only spend small amounts since it’s so expensive, that probably have something to do with it.

  2. says:

    I think you have to spend $1000 to get to be an optimum member. I have read somewhere that the easiest way to do it is to buy $500 in SDM gift cards, and then spend the gift cards to buy stuff…. I have done that on occassion, but if you are planning on returning anything, it becomes quite a hassle because sometimes the cashiers dont know how to process a refund when a gift card has been used. Once I suggested that they just refund me back on anther gift card, and they tried but to no avail. Then I said I would just buy something else, and the sigh of relief that came out of the cashier’s and her supervisor’s mouth could be heard all the way to the south pole! ha ha

  3. mcminsen says:

    Justine, it should only take another $50 of spending to get Plus status that will be good until the end of next year. Buy those SDM giftcards first and double up your regular points. 🙂
    A few weeks ago I got similar coupons mailed to me, for the first time. My 10,000 point coupon looks exactly the same (same code #60782 40000) except it is only valid to Oct. 23rd. If the cashier didn’t double check the date I wonder how their computer would know the difference.
    Also, it says non-transferable, whatever that means. I’m eager to know if and when someone can print and successfully use these coupons. I’d prefer to take advantage of this kind of coupon in the month of November.

  4. Justine says:

    That’s $1000 in one year? that kinda sickens me that I spend that much at sdm.

  5. mcminsen says:

    ^^^ You can get Plus status if you spend $500/year at SDM. But only if you do the giftcard trick. That’s less than $10/week on average, which shouldn’t be hard to do if you stick to the bargains and throw some coupons in. 🙂

  6. Tray says:

    A good way to get plus status is to buy SDM giftcards (you get regular points on them) then use those gift cards to buy giftcards (you don’t get points) you WILL and NEED such as Esso Gas, Starbucks, other stores that you regularly spend at or buy giftcard there when you are buying gifts. Just on gas alone I could easily reach plus status.

  7. Mosaic says:

    What’s this giftcard trick? Could you please share details? I thought that giftcards are not counted towards points. Maybe I am wrong. Anyone care to share?

  8. types-a-lot says:

    Are these coupons really for ALL Optimum Plus members, or just for NEW Optimum Plus members?

  9. Tray says:

    SDM giftcards DO get regular points. The giftcards they sell (ESSO, Keg, Starbucks, East Sides etc) do not get any points (unless there is a special promo on).

    Many cashiers will say you don’t get the points, but I ask them to scan my card and you do get points. I obtained Plus status easily by buying $200 in SDM cards, then using that to buy ESSO giftcards, plus I did the same thing when buying giftcards for gifts for people. Bought my Grandma a $50 gc for M&M and used a $50 SDM giftcard to purchase. I don’t do this for little purchases but for big ones I do.

  10. johnnycash2 says:

    I believe it only works for invited plus memebers,since I have used one such coupon last time and I didn’t get anything. This time I got an invitation and I would try it out.

  11. Tuktu60 says:

    I finally made Plus this week!! Good timing for the coupons. Thanks!

  12. mcminsen says:

    Tray, that’s a good idea! To buy SDM giftcards and then use them to buy other giftcards for other retailers. Some may think it’s kinda dicey to buy giftcards with giftcards but this is above board and doesn’t break any rules. Can’t blame us for trying!

    Mosaic, if you’re a little unsure, just go buy a $10 SDM giftcard (and show your Optimum card) and get the regular points. Then go back and get your other purchases and pay for them with the SDM giftcard and then you will see right then and there on your receipts that you will have gotten two sets of REGULAR points on that purchasing. Next thing you know you will be like the rest of us and doing creative points collecting in much larger numbers.

    Yet another way to rack up the points… I buy my SDM giftcards with my Shoppers Optimum Mastercard and get 10 regular points and 15 BONUS points per dollar spent. And then, of course, I use the SDM giftcard to make purchases and get 10 more regular points per dollar. BTW, the bonus points I get for using my Shoppers Optimum Mastercard show up later after my monthly statement.

    johnnycash2, thanks for letting us know your experience. Seems you have to be specifically invited and their computer would know… I wish there was less mystery when it comes to using these coupons, though.

  13. thecountess says:

    Thanks Maybe 🙂

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