Via Rail Offers: Free Tickets to Canadian Military Personnel, Soldiers & Vets

Canadian Military Via Rail

The Canadian Press:

Via Rail will offer free basic rail travel for military personnel and veterans again this summer  (2009).

The company says the free tickets will be offered in July to all serving and former members of the Forces, with other discounts available for their dependents.

A soldier or vet travelling free will be able to bring up to five family members along at half price.

They will also be offered half-price tickets for travel in business, sleeper and touring classes.

The Crown corporation offered a similar program last July and says about 60,000 people took the deal.

14 responses to “Via Rail Offers: Free Tickets to Canadian Military Personnel, Soldiers & Vets”

  1. Litesandsirens911 says:

    Thanks Boo, I posted this last month in deals & freebies I think but so far not too many replies, I myself thisk it’s fantastic!

  2. Uechi Boy says:

    I hope that includes reservists, my son is away training all summer and this would be great for him to come home.

  3. Prairie Lady says:

    What about others who serve this country from police men, teachers, firemen, and all others? Decrease your VIA rate and we all may afford to ride the train. Military already receives deals on planes and buses.

  4. Melanie says:

    Actually in my experience, the military receive no deals for personal travel. I have been a military spouse for 8 years and have always paid full price for airfare. I think VIA should open it up to other service people – including police and firemen – but I think their reason for doing this is that most of us are so far away from our extended families. I know I just spent 6 years in Manitoba 24 hours away from my family, and a train fare at 1/2 price would have made a trip home in the summer more affordable. Thumbs up to VIA rail for this deal!

  5. dave wing says:

    I certainly hope that this great deal will be offered again in the summer of 2010. I would love to be able to get back to Ontario to visit family that I can’t afford to do with regular fares either by plane, train or automobiles.

  6. VIA says:

    Via changed the deal this year, 60% off for everyone.

  7. Soldiers Princess says:

    Just reading through the comments and Prarie lady gotta check her facts because us military pers get frig all for details and after having served 2 tours to afghanistan as well as my husband servis overseas several times its about time that we get recognition. I dont see teacher risking their lives through gunfire and Ieds. Think befor you write stuff lady and walk a day in my shoes

  8. Missing home says:

    Look I know every one would like to be able to have a deal come there way one in a blue moon. I have been in the military for 8 years and out of that 8 years I was able to go home one that was seven years ago. It is not cheap going from coast to coast. My daughter has not even seen her grandparents, she is 3 1/2. We get posted far from home and loved ones, I would love to be close to my family, then maybe I would not cry to sleep crying hoping I get home to see my mom and dad before it’s to late. Thank your stars your close to home a free train ticket is nothing.

  9. Jack says:

    Thanks VIA that is great of you to do. It’s nice to get a break.

  10. No discount says:

    Good PR for VIA but the reality is only a very small percentage of Military personnel can take advantage of this. If the family is west of Ontario forget it, very limited seats, and if you are not deployed and can’t travel with your spouse to see their family there are no discounts. I am a serving member, have done many tour over seas in my 29 years and agree with Prairie Lady, lets recognise all who risk their lives in the service of our country….To Soldiers Princess you should first learn how to spell, second remember you volunteered to join the military and third grow up!

  11. says:

    Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!

  12. Ed Brown says:

    We are retired career Air Force. We’d love to travel back across Canada
    to see all are relatives on the East Coast. Please where do we get more details? We tried last year and were too late. Don’t want to miss the train this year.

  13. Flyboy says:

    Growing up in a meilitary family and joining up at the age of 17 and spending 23 years travelling, leaving my family and always spending what little savings we had accumilated to travel home so that the kids would get to know their grandparents, cousins etc, it is sure nice to see that VIA Rail is trying to help us out. The first break we got is free parking with vetran’s plates and now free travel home. This is great.

  14. goody good boy says:

    I do think that this is a grate idea i live far away from my family and when i go on leave i will take advantage of this it will help me out a lot

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