Walmart Canada Scraps Anniversary Sale


Many of you were probably looking forward to the Walmart Anniversary Sale flyer this week, only to find that there is simply a regular flyer. It seems that Walmart has decided to forgo its annual Anniversary Sale this year, which usually takes place this week. Instead, their flyer for this week places emphasis on the fact that they have lowered the everyday price on over 1000 items in store.

The Walmart Anniversary Sale was one of their biggest and best ads of the year, typically on par with, or even better than the Black Friday and Boxing Day ads. Some of you will be more disappointed than others by the decision to drop the Anniversary Sale. I can’t say there was ever much in their anniversary flyer that had me running to Walmart, but for some it was an opportunity to kick off some holiday shopping. The one item I can recall myself purchasing year after year during this sale is the Rubbermaid container set, however that seems to go on sale for a deeply reduced price several times a year anyhow.

What are you thoughts on Walmart omitting their Anniversary Sale this year? Are you disappointed that it is not taking place?

13 responses to “Walmart Canada Scraps Anniversary Sale”

  1. jessi says:

    Yeah Im angry about this situation it was one of my fav sale because prices were always good on kitchen things and electronic. Why they remove this sale whats the reason?

  2. Alison says:

    Well, they do not care anymore about their customers as they do not have any real competition.

  3. Amy says:

    I’ve been disappointed with Walmart, it’s prices and decisions for a while now, so I find that I just don’t shop there like I used to (almost every day at one point). No anniversary sale means I won’t be going back in to see if their everyday prices really are lower.

  4. Amira says:

    I think their last week’s flyer prices were somewhat like their anniversary sale prices. But I agree, anniversary sale used to offer some very good deals.

  5. brother mahen says:

    this just breaks my heart…i dont know if i have strength to survive this. Lord, take the wheel.

  6. Nayya says:

    I’m disappointed too, but at the same time I’d rather see every day even lower prices than huge rebates on stuff that I don’t need.
    As long as it’s not like the GIGA price reduction at IGA LOLOLOLOL

    As long as they have decent sales at Black Friday! 😉

  7. MommaOfThree says:

    I miss it. I used to get my son’s birthday presents (in 2 weeks) because things like electronics were well priced.

  8. Ellie says:

    honestly, this doesn’t matter to me. if it really means that people can buy the things they need, when they actually need them at a lower cost all the time (instead of rushing out and buying things they might not need to just get the ‘good deal’), i’m fine with that!

  9. Donna says:

    I do not approve of this decision and I also do not like the fact that Walmart does not give rain checks any more. We get all our prescriptions there but thinking of changing.

  10. A L says:

    I miss it. I had always waited for it to stock up on diapers/wipes and toilet papers, etc. And I agreed with some of the comments that they are like the monopoly now and careless about their customers. Customer services used to be better and weekly deals used to be better. Now customer services suck, and they even sent me expired food (cookie) when I bought online. Totally disappointed in them.

  11. Ron says:

    No more bags, no more Visa, no more anniversary sales, no more fun!

  12. cynthia tymchak says:

    Bring back the anniversary sale please. It was fantastic for people who like early christmas shopping. Yes you lowered your prices but the sale had some fantastic deals whenever it came out.

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